Friday, January 14, 2011

Hair Bow Holder

  Ok, so both of my daughters have a million hairbows! Im pretty much obsessed. I even started making my own. The problem was that I didnt have anywhere to store them! I didnt want one of those bow holders thats just a long piece of ribbon. I was looking for something more creative. So I found this idea and I absolutely love it! Its a Hair Bow Frame.

  Im a bargain shopper so there was no way I was going to go buy a new frame just to break it down. So garage saleing I went....and Success!! I stopped at a garage sale where a lady had a stack of old picture frames and she was asking $1 per frame. Some of the frames were complete and some were missing the backing and the glass. I asked if she would take .50 for the incomplete ones and she said yes! Woo hoo! $.50 for a frame! I rushed home and dug through my spray paint and ribbon stash. Found just what I was looking for.

  The frame I got was pretty rough looking so I had to clean it up, wipe it down and pull out any stray nails. Then I spray painted it. Took a couple of coats but I got the look I was wanting. Once it was dry I glued ribbon to the back and putt a tulle puff in the corner...Wallah! A display for my beautiful hair bows!

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